Our Core Values
Reach - Renew - Relate

The present-day Core Values of First Baptist Church Charlottetown as reflected within the congregation itself are best articulated with three interconnected words: “Reach – Renew – Relate”. It is these three words when linked together and fully understood individually and collectively that will serve as both our road map and our guard rails going forward.

We are a church which seeks to:

a) REACH out with clear gospel intention to those who don't know Christ, choosing to focus on advancing the Kingdom of God and providing a safe and welcoming environment.

b) RENEW our own hearts and be open to looking for new ways to do old things that continue to glorify God in an ever-changing world.

c) RELATE to those around us by building bridges and relationships. To be a church that supports, encourages, and loves one another in our community.

Vision 2027